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Fifth Grade


The focus of English in fifth grade is to develop excellent grammar skills and apply them properly in their original writing.  Students will review and extend their understanding of grammar, capitalization, punctuation, figurative language, and sentence structure. By the end of fifth grade, students are expected to understand all the parts of speech and apply their knowledge to writing. Fifth graders utilize the Six Traits of Writing (Ideas, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions) in the original narrative, persuasive, and expository writing pieces.  In addition, elements of poetry are taught, and students enjoy applying the elements in their poetic writing.

In fifth grade, students transition from traditional weekly spelling lists to etymology, or the study of word origin.  Students can apply knowledge to various content areas emphasizing Greek and Latin root words.  In addition, fifth graders focus on sounds, prefixes, suffixes, homophones, and compound words. Fifth-grade students will apply their spelling knowledge to their writing.


Fifth-grade students benefit from a literature-based approach to reading instruction.  Through this method, students are exposed to authentic literature with which they learn and hone their fluency and comprehension skills.  Through class discussions, direct instruction, and small group work, students grow in inferencing, predicting, drawing conclusions, characterization, and vocabulary development, to name a few.   In addition to in-class and whole-group reading, students explore all genres through independent reading.  Fifth graders learn to use text evidence to support their answers and develop theme statements about the literature they read.

In addition, both long and short nonfiction texts are read.  Through reading informational texts, students further develop vocabulary and essential skills such as cause and effect, understanding bias, interpreting multiple sources, and analyzing first and secondhand accounts.


This class is designed to prepare students for middle school math. Students continue building their skills with fractions, decimals, and the exploration of algebraic thinking.  In addition, fifth graders develop skills in measurement, geometry, and probability. The material is presented using various techniques, including guided instruction, guided and independent practice of mathematics skills, and appropriate math tools (i.e., protractor, ruler, etc.). Various interactive websites and apps are used via Smartboard and Chromebooks.


Students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year. In 5th grade, the focus on Religion is a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the Catholic faith and a more detailed study of the seven sacraments. Students also begin a study into the parts of the Mass.   Students participate in stewardship projects in which they assist organizations that support those in need. The fifth graders play a special role in honoring Mary during May Crowning and end the year with the study of Family Life.


Fifth-grade students gain knowledge and exposure in three areas of science:  Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Life Science explores food webs, and energy pyramids as well as students learning more specifics about the process of photosynthesis. Earth science examines our earth, its resources, and space. Physical science looks at matter, physical and chemical changes, mixtures and solutions, and force. Students also go into great depth about the scientific process. These topics are covered through class discussions, mini-labs, and student projects. Students use various interactive websites to investigate some topics further. They participate in the Christ the King Science Fair, and some students attend the Fayette County District Science Fair. Regional Science Fair, and State Science Fair.

Social Studies

Social Studies covers American history from the first migrations into the Americas through the 20th century. Students will use an interactive student notebook and interactive digital resources to understand the nation’s history.  The fifth graders often work collaboratively to research, present, or create visual displays of historical events.  Christ the King uses the History, Alive! Program as the framework for US History instruction in 5th grade.

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