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Accelerated Reader

CKS Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader is a website that allows students to log in at school using their CKS username and password and take quizzes on books they have read.

Students receive points for each quiz taken based on the book’s reading level, length, and the percentage of questions answered correctly. No points are awarded for scores less than 60%. Points can also be earned for quizzes taken on the stories students read in the Journeys reading series used in grades 1-5. A minimum score of 80% is required. The AR website records quizzes taken and points accumulated during the school year.

To search for AR books, go to the website www.arbookfind.com.

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Accelerated Reader Rewards

Laminated AR tags, which come with chains that students can attach to their book bags, are awarded as goals are reached in GRADES K-5. For example, the first-grade goal is three points, so a first-grader receives a tag every time he or she accumulates three points. A special tag and a new chain are given if a student accumulates 10, 20, or 30 tags. As students reach those levels, point goals rise to create more challenges.

Points are tallied every Friday, and the following week the names of students receiving tags are read during morning announcements. At the end of each month, the homeroom is announced with the highest percent correct on their quizzes, and they get to keep the traveling AR trophy in their classroom for the next month. Individual trophies are awarded at the end of the school year to the two students with the highest point totals in each grade (1-5).

MIDDLE SCHOOL students earn house points for AR quizzes. Individual trophies are awarded at the end of the school year to the two middle school students with the most points overall.

Points needed

Table Header
tags 11-20
tags 21 and up
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Special A.R. Recognition

Elizabeth McCoy earned the most AR points of any CKS student during the 2022-23 school year. By virtue of that achievement, and through the generosity of local financial planning firm Ballast, Inc., Elizabeth was awarded naming rights to a classroom.

Sponsored by Ballast:

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