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First Grade

Language Arts

During the language/writing block, students learn to write compositions. Students will apply phonics and practice handwriting, along with learning about the writing process, the mechanics of good writing, and grammar. Students will work on a specific type of writing each week and use a story journal to practice our techniques.  The class will also explore the 6 + 1 traits of writing .  First grade uses the Zaner-Bloser program, and handwriting is also addressed individually during writing conferences. Students explore words and word families in spelling and working with word blocks.


Reading time follows a Daily 5 model of instruction. Students participate in shared reading and guided reading and are introduced to foundational reading skills during center rotations. First grade uses the series Wonders and other trade books to reinforce the skills taught during these blocks. First grade also enhances instruction using online programs like Lexia and IXL to allow for individual assessment and differentiation of skills.


Children participate in various mathematics activities daily: hands-on experiences, discussion, and exploration following the Envisions mathematics program. Throughout first grade, children study numbers and numeration, operation and computation, data and probability, measurement, geometry, and algebraic thinking.


First-grade students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year. Students learn Religion through our religion series, Christ our Life. This learning block will discuss the Faith Guidelines of Christ the King School. This is an essential component of our school community.


Science instruction is integrated into the classroom following the Next Generation Science Standards. This allows teachers to utilize standards-based, cross-curricular instruction. Students engage in inquiry-based learning with Foss materials. Students also enjoy time in Science Lab, which provides an interactive learning experience.

Social Studies

In first grade, children are learning about historical events and how they have impacted our lives. First grade also uses various programs to help study government, citizenship and communities, geography and map skills, patriotism, cultures, economics, and adaptations to an ever-changing world.

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