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Fourth Grade


Fourth graders study and expand their knowledge of parts of speech, sentence structure, and correct grammar through daily mentor sentence analysis. Specific areas include verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, regular and irregular verbs, figurative language, combining sentences, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and punctuation. Correct sentence structure and usage are integral parts of all subjects as we help the students learn to be good writers.


In fourth-grade reading, we continue developing students’ reading comprehension skills and critical thinking. We challenge the students to read with understanding, make inferences using details from the text and what they know from their own experiences, and develop a love of reading. They will work with various texts and genres through differentiated book clubs with their peers.

The fourth-grade spelling curriculum focuses on pattern study. This year’s key components are vowel and consonant sounds, syllables, digraphs, compound words, abbreviations, and prefixes and suffixes. In addition to spelling rules, students study Greek & Latin roots to connect new and unfamiliar words to words they know and understand.


4th-grade math begins with a review of number sense. Students will show mastery of reading and writing numbers through hundred million, addition, subtraction, and place value. Students will then begin to broaden their understanding of multiplication by applying their knowledge of their basic facts to multi-digit multiplication. Students then apply their knowledge of division to multi-digit division as well. Students will work to grow in their understanding of fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, probability, problem-solving strategies, word problems, and estimation throughout the year.

When entering fourth grade, students are expected to know the basic facts of each operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).


Students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year. Fourth-grade focus areas are the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, prayer, service to others, and planning liturgies. Our stewardship program is “Feed the Hungry,” which includes sponsoring a school-wide canned food drive. Students are expected to learn and follow the FAITH GUIDELINES. The real emphasis is placed on our call to live our faith in the world.


Fourth-grade science is broken into three main sections: life science, physical science, and earth science. Life science focuses on plants, animals, and ecosystems. Physical science looks at matter, energy, and motion. Earth science examines the earth, its resources, and its weather. Students learn about these topics by viewing demonstrations, class discussions, reading, and hands-on labs.

Social Studies

The main focus is the study of the regions of the United States with a special emphasis on Kentucky. Students begin the year by learning about the four social sciences and how those are applied to the real world. Then students explore each of the five regions of the United States. They watch videos and research, read graphs and charts, and read about the regions. Lastly, students spend time learning about our state and its history. They will learn about Kentucky’s place in the world, state symbols, important people and places within our state, and American History through the eyes of Kentuckians.

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