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Language Arts & Reading

Kindergarten uses Phonics for Kindergarten to learn letters, sounds, word families, blends, digraphs, lazy e, and tricky y. The whole group reading program combines Guiding Kinders Program and Wonders. The students have an essential question for the week. They read and write about books on a specific topic. Sight words are introduced every week. They are taught using poems and songs. Guided Reading Groups are done daily. These groups are differentiated learning groups.


Kindergarten uses the enVision Mathematics Common Core program for math instruction. Math skills are taught through a spiral method that revisits lessons learned throughout the year. We also incorporate the Simple Solutions workbook to strengthen math skills daily.


Kindergarten students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year. This teaches them about God’s love and is an excellent base for learning that they will do during the year. Students learn bible stories about the Catholic faith through the Stories of God’s Love workbook.

Social Studies & Science

Kindergarten students are taught Science and Social Studies through various themes. We use a thematic approach to teaching about communities, the world around us, life science, and physical science. Students can visit the elementary school science lab for a weekly class.

Handwriting & Writing

Kindergarten students are taught basic handwriting skills using the Zaner-Bloser handwriting workbooks. Students are taught to hold their pencils correctly, construct letters and numbers, and to utilize spaces when writing.

Kindergarten students learn basic writing skills. They create sentences on topics learned, and they illustrate them daily. Grammar skills are taught as well to help with their writing process. They create sentences on topics learned, and they illustrate them daily.

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