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Second Grade


Second Grade English classes are composed of many components, each of which helps students become well-rounded students who understand language and write well-developed paragraphs. Students are expected to know the parts of speech. Second graders work daily to improve sentence structure and paragraph development and practice various writing styles.  

Spelling words are developed through our reading series, Wonders. This allows students to succeed with sound recognition, spelling rules, and word structure categories. Games, activities, and differentiated instruction are used to promote success. Bonus words are added to the weekly list to benefit students' success in other curriculums such as Science, Social Studies, and Religion. 

Writing in second grade is practiced daily. Students journal daily and are given daily critiques to help improve reading and writing. During the year, students are assigned writing activities that vary according to the particular area of study.


Second-grade reading classes are based on the Wonders series. This is the foundation of our reading program, but students also read several chapter books during the year. Students are divided into flexible groups based on teacher observations, MAP scores, and daily assessments. Students are also expected to participate in the Accelerated Reading Program. Students are expected to read outside of class on a nightly basis, all to improve fluency and comprehension.


The EnVision Math series provides a structure for math instruction while we also extend and stretch our students beyond their present levels. Students are expected to perform and improve with quick recall daily, while still being stretched in skills.  Reflex Math and IXL are used to enhance students' learning. Many hands-on materials are used. Simple Solutions is also a part of daily math routines. This series helps to build a strong foundation.


Students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year. Christ the King prides itself on our commitment to immersing our students in their faith at every turn. Our formal curriculum is based on the Christ Our Life series, which is centered on Jesus' life. It calls children to know, proclaim, witness, and share the Catholic faith. Students participate in the Keryma for Kids to begin the school year.

In addition to our series, our students receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion with their classmates. They participate in the Last Supper and a well-rounded Retreat to prepare them for First Holy Communion. This is a cornerstone of our school and dates back to our first class at Christ the King. Our students participate actively in Stewardship, which inspires our littlest ones to reach out to those who are less fortunate. We feel this encourages the community aspect of our faith and draws families closer to sharing their faith together.


Science instruction is integrated into the classroom following the Next Generation Science Standards. This allows teachers to utilize standards-based, cross-curricular instruction.  Second grade focuses on three main areas: physical science, life science, and earth and space science.  We incorporate engineering design to help enhance instruction.  Students can visit the elementary school science lab for a weekly class.

Social Studies

Students enjoy various opportunities to further their understanding of our world in Social Studies. Second grade focuses on geography, history, economics, and civics. Some topics include learning about our fifty states, U.S. Presidents, Colonial times, Anne Frank, and many more! Social Studies is also integrated into other curriculum areas, including reading and writing.

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