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Kelley Taylor

I am a lifelong parishioner of Christ the King, a former student, and the Assistant Principal of Student services at Christ the King School. I have valued the 14 years I have spent on faculty thus far. My time here has significantly impacted my teaching practices. More importantly, it has helped me to develop lasting relationships with teachers and families in the school and parish community.

As a former student, faculty member, and now parent at Christ the King School, the importance of one’s character, knowledge, and spirit is a focal part of my identity. Christ the King is where I developed my love for Christ, and the seed was planted for my devotion to finding Christ in others through education. I feel as though every day, I learn something new from students and colleagues about how Christ wants me to live my life and serve others. As a sixth-grade teacher,  I was countlessly thankful that each day in Religion, I could share the wonders of the Old Testament and its beautiful applications to our modern lives with my students. My favorite part of teaching sixth grade was teaching students to embrace the challenges they face knowing God is always with them. Christ the King is where I have always been called to fulfill my vocation as an educator. It is truly my past, my present, and my future.

It has been a great joy to have my daughter and son, Mary Elise and Will, join the school community. Having them both at Christ the King has even further instilled in me the belief that it does take a village to raise a child, and I am so glad that the Christ the King community is our village. I feel honored and humbled to be a part of the children of Christ the King’s village.

Patty Schuette

Assistant Principal of Student Services

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